Pygmy Goats

Our little Pygmy Goat herd is growing

This weekend four more beautiful little doelings we have been waiting for have come home to Eagleburra. We are so lucky to be building our dream with the help of some amazing people in the Pygmy Goat world who have trusted us with their beautiful babies, allowing us to build ...

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Dusty Rose and Drover settle in

Little Dusty Rose and Drover have settled into their new home here at Eagleburra like they have lived here all their lives. Both kids love attention and are so affectionate. Drover will climb into our laps for a cuddle and while Dusty is not so keen to be cuddled for ...

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A dream come true - Pygmy Goats!

Many years ago before we bought Charlotte and Matilda (the Dexter cows I trained to hand milk before we got Holly the Jersey), I seriously considered getting a couple of milking goats as I have always loved these gorgeous creatures. Unfortunately G had heard way too many horror stories of ...

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More Southern Lights

We were blessed with another solar storm that created another Aurora Australis on 17th December. This time I had figured out my camera settings a bit better and managed to get some nice shots of the colour and beams, although it was nothing compared to the amount of colour and ...

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white dorper sheep

Roger Ramjet he's our man

Our new white dorper ram joined our little flock of wiltiXdorper girls this week. Apparently G and I are showing our age by naming him Roger Ramjet, the kids had no idea who Roger Ramjet was or why we thought it was such a good name for him 🙂 He ...

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Don't feed the sheep!

When we bought the four Wiltipol X Dorper girls home earlier this year I made sure everyone knew that they were not pets, I needed them to be a little cautious of us so that Indi would be able to work them as part of his training to be a ...

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Aurora Australis seen on our front porch south on our farm

Southern Lights from our front door

I have been lucky enough to see the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) from our front verandah on several occasions, but have never had the chance to photograph it before. But on December 1st, the aurora was nothing short of spectacular, even to the naked eye we could see colour and ...

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Bloody Fox

We have been super lucky to have never had a lamb taken by foxes, and thankfully that is still the case, but unbelievably this afternoon a fox tried to take down Lilly (the first photo below) who is a fit healthy lamb that weighs 20kgs if not more. As its ...

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Stunning sunset

Stunning Sunset

My wide angle RF14-35mm lens is seeing more action than any of the others in my kit at the moment! The sunset and clouds the other night were spectacular so I raced out just before dark to catch these shots of the hay roll paddock across the road and looking ...

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Ball with the Boys

Bolt and Zeke are certainly slowing down a bit and at 14, their age is showing but they both still absolutely love chasing the tennis ball every day. We do have to limit how far and for how long they can play, much to Indi's disgust, he thinks he could ...

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