Eagleburra Pygmy Goat Stud is a National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia registered stud located in Boyup Brook in the southwest region of Western Australia.


Pygmy Goats are a miniature breed with a cobby, compact, muscular build, loved by their families for their friendly, playful and affectionate natures.

The Pygmy Goat breed originally derived from the West African Dwarf, a group of miniature traditional dual purpose goat breeds of West and Central Africa.

These goats were originally imported to Europe in the 1800’s and the USA in the mid-20th century for zoos and research programs and later as companion animals, the Pygmy Goat became an established breed in the USA in 1975.


Due to Australian Quarantine restrictions, breeders only have access to the American Pygmy Goat genetics which were first imported into Australia by Semtech ABS in 2012. 

With only thirteen Full Blood (100%) individuals currently in Australia, breeders are involved in a genetic recovery program combining imported genetics with genes from suitable foundation miniature goats to develop the Australian version of the Purebred Pygmy Goat.

We are excited to be part of the future development of this unique and adorable breed here in Australia.


Our small family farm Eagleburra, was established in 2009 when we moved our two and four legged family from the Perth hills to the small country town of Boyup Brook in the beautiful southwest region of WA.

Named for the majestic Wedge-Tailed Eagles and iconic Kookaburras that call our farm home, the 43 acres of Eagleburra are also home to our horses, Border Collies, sheep and menagerie of other animals.  It was always our dream to establish a small stud for an unusual or rare breed, but life had other plans until finally in 2023 we were able to start making the dream become reality.

Having fallen in love with the American Pygmy Goat years before they were even available in Australia, founding Eagleburra Stud with this adorable breed was an easy decision.

Our first Pygmy Goats joined our family in January 2024, followed shortly by four additional does. A suitable quality foundation buck will be added in 2024.

Our vision is to produce healthy, happy Pygmy Goats of the correct American type, temperament and personality with colours that reflect their Australian Mini Goat heritage.

We are excited to join other dedicated breeders nationwide in the development of this amazing breed here in Australia.

Proud member of the National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia.

Eagleburra is also home to Michelle’s pet photography studio, Three Red Ponies.


Read more about our Pygmy Goats, horses, sheep, border collies and farm life at Eagleburra since 2009 on our blog.