Roger Ramjet he’s our man

Our new white dorper ram joined our little flock of wiltiXdorper girls this week. Apparently G and I are showing our age by naming him Roger Ramjet, the kids had no idea who Roger Ramjet was or why we thought it was such a good name for him 🙂

He was quite impressed with his little harem and judging by their reaction to him, the girls think he is mighty fine! They have spent a couple of days getting to know each other and this morning Indi and I moved them down to the back paddocks which are overgrown from not having stock on them for a couple of years and, much to their delight there is some green pick around the creek line.

I think Roger Ramjet will live up to his name and protect his little flock against foxes like our previous Dorper rams have done in the past. He’s only young, 6 or 7 months old, but already stepped up to look after them when he muscled his way through the girls to stomp and posture at Indi when we started to move them out of their paddock.

The merinos had got to well dogged to have much benefit for Indi to work and I couldn’t get anyone out here to shear such a small flock, so they went to their new home last week to help train some young kelpies.

I am going to miss having the sheep up near the house, even though Dolly and Polly had become absolute menaces at feed time stealing the horses hay and hard feed. Naji and Mia will be going out to the big paddock with the other horses and for the first time since we moved here in 2009, the house paddock will be horse free. I have to admit that I am really looking forward to not having so much work to do twice a day, and with less ‘work’ to do each day, I hope that I can start enjoying time with my horses again.

Both G and I have got to the stage where we want to make everything as easy and enjoyable as possible. Life has been to hard for too many years and its now time that we sit back and enjoy what we have. Life is too short not to have fun following your dreams, so we are about to embark on a project that was always our plan when we moved to Eagleburra in 2009 (something that with a slight adjustment I have wanted to do since I was a child).

Everything is falling in to place and I can’t wait to see how things develop throughout 2024.

By the way, click the link for those who don’t know who Roger Ramjet is 🙂

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