Bloody Fox

We have been super lucky to have never had a lamb taken by foxes, and thankfully that is still the case, but unbelievably this afternoon a fox tried to take down Lilly (the first photo below) who is a fit healthy lamb that weighs 20kgs if not more. As its …

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Stunning sunset

Stunning Sunset

My wide angle RF14-35mm lens is seeing more action than any of the others in my kit at the moment! The sunset and clouds the other night were spectacular so I raced out just before dark to catch these shots of the hay roll paddock across the road and looking …

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Ball with the Boys

Bolt and Zeke are certainly slowing down a bit and at 14, their age is showing but they both still absolutely love chasing the tennis ball every day. We do have to limit how far and for how long they can play, much to Indi’s disgust, he thinks he could …

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2 cute lambs

Lamb update

It’s been really chaotic around here lately, I even missed photographing Dolly and Molly lambing although they both lambed at the same time of the morning as the two Polly’s. Molly lambed first, another boy with the tiniest cream patch near his eye, so we have called him Pirate, and …

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lamb close up

Spring lambs growing like weeds

I’m starting to think that Piglett might have been born a bit early and Koala is only 3 days old but so much more advanced from day 1 than Piglett was (its been so many years since we last had lambs its hard to remember what is and isn’t normal. …

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Tiny Bantam chicks studio photograph

Teeny Tiny Bantam Chicks

Lovely little Lola has gallantly sat on a huge clutch of eggs this spring and successfully hatched 13 gorgeous little pure bred Belgian d’Uccle chicks. They are so tiny, we have nick named them ‘popcorn chicken’ while the Australorp chicks are ‘Chicken Nuggets’. We snuck them into the studio today …

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Mum and lamb

Lamb number two is here

After a ridiculously long wait, lamb number two is here, another little boy. He is a golden caramel type colour with chocolate legs that is gorgeous, however we are now a bit worried about the breeding behind our Wiltipol-White Dorper ewes and hoping the colour has come from their white …

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Australorp chicks studio photograph

Adopted babies

Our lovely Rhode Island X Wyandotte girl Lola has done a great job of raising eleven purebred Australorp chicks. They are so cute, I had to take them to the studio for some photos before they got any bigger. None of these photos are composites, just single shots!

Close up of our sheep

A fun new toy

Up to now my widest lens has been a 24-70mm 2.8 that I use in studio, but there is a style of photography that I want to try that needs a really wide angle lens, so I have picked up the RF 14-35 to get me started. Coincidentally it will …

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Australorps at Eagleburra

I’ve always enjoyed having a mixed flock of chicken breeds, but we have decided to breed some pure heritage breed chickens so have acquired an Australorp rooster (suitably named Aussie) to breed with our existing black and blue Australorp hens. We still have the Belgian d’Uccle’s who are amazing at …

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