A dream come true – Pygmy Goats!

Many years ago before we bought Charlotte and Matilda (the Dexter cows I trained to hand milk before we got Holly the Jersey), I seriously considered getting a couple of milking goats as I have always loved these gorgeous creatures.

Unfortunately G had heard way too many horror stories of the damage goats can do to cars, gardens and everything else they come in contact with, so he has always flatly refused to let me indulge and add some goats to our farm.

Fast forward a dozen or so years and he’s either mellowed with old age or the Tik Tok videos of cute miniature pygmy goats parcour-ing everywhere that he was watching last year made enough of an impression on him that he decided that yes indeed we could not only add some miniature goats to the family, but fulfil the dream we both had when we first moved to Eagleburra in 2009 of starting a small stud for a rare breed of livestock.

We are all so excited to start this new journey and have registered our stud prefix with the National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia.

Today was the start of our pygmy goat adventure with bringing our first two Pygmy Goats home. Introducing Wooden Park Dusty Rose (doe) and Woodene Park Drover (whether), 55.75% Pygmy brother and sister from a litter of triplets out of Woodene Park Lamington Delight by the eastern states bred Vino Amore Prince Nicholas (Bad Company lines).

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