Our first lamb for the season

After weeks of waiting and expecting the girls to evict their passengers at any moment, our first lamb for the season was born early this morning.

Thankfully Polly 1 lambed without any problems, although I was a bit worried for a little while that she wasn’t progressing fast enough, mum and bub are doing well, he is up on his feet and had his first drinks of colostrum.

We are a bit unsure of his colour, we were expecting pure white as the ram was a pure white dorper and there was no colour in the flock that we purchased the ewes from, but it does look like he has some colour patches on him. Its a bit hard to tell at this stage as she dropped him into a patch of the stickiest blackest dry mud on the property and being wet from birth and rolling over before I could get a good look, he is pretty much covered in the stuff.

So that’s 1 of 4 safely on the ground, sad that he’s a boy, but hopefully there are still some girls cooking. The other sheep have all come up to say hello, the Wilti girls have shown keen interest as they are all first time lambers it is definitely new to them.

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