white dorper sheep

Roger Ramjet he’s our man

Our new white dorper ram joined our little flock of wiltiXdorper girls this week. Apparently G and I are showing our age by naming him Roger Ramjet, the kids had no idea who Roger Ramjet was or why we thought it was such a good name for him 🙂 He …

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Don’t feed the sheep!

When we bought the four Wiltipol X Dorper girls home earlier this year I made sure everyone knew that they were not pets, I needed them to be a little cautious of us so that Indi would be able to work them as part of his training to be a …

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Bloody Fox

We have been super lucky to have never had a lamb taken by foxes, and thankfully that is still the case, but unbelievably this afternoon a fox tried to take down Lilly (the first photo below) who is a fit healthy lamb that weighs 20kgs if not more. As its …

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2 cute lambs

Lamb update

It’s been really chaotic around here lately, I even missed photographing Dolly and Molly lambing although they both lambed at the same time of the morning as the two Polly’s. Molly lambed first, another boy with the tiniest cream patch near his eye, so we have called him Pirate, and …

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lamb close up

Spring lambs growing like weeds

I’m starting to think that Piglett might have been born a bit early and Koala is only 3 days old but so much more advanced from day 1 than Piglett was (its been so many years since we last had lambs its hard to remember what is and isn’t normal. …

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Mum and lamb

Lamb number two is here

After a ridiculously long wait, lamb number two is here, another little boy. He is a golden caramel type colour with chocolate legs that is gorgeous, however we are now a bit worried about the breeding behind our Wiltipol-White Dorper ewes and hoping the colour has come from their white …

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Close up of our sheep

A fun new toy

Up to now my widest lens has been a 24-70mm 2.8 that I use in studio, but there is a style of photography that I want to try that needs a really wide angle lens, so I have picked up the RF 14-35 to get me started. Coincidentally it will …

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Our first lamb for the season

After weeks of waiting and expecting the girls to evict their passengers at any moment, our first lamb for the season was born early this morning. Thankfully Polly 1 lambed without any problems, although I was a bit worried for a little while that she wasn’t progressing fast enough, mum …

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The girls are ready to pop!

The new merino cross sheep we got for training Indi last month have settled in well and are now gaining weight on all the green grass we have. Three of the Wiltipol ewes look ready to pop any day now, unfortunately not knowing when the white dorper ram got in …

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A sheepdog and his sheep

I continue to be amazed at the instinct that Indi shows for working sheep. He has now progressed to the point where I can send him down the paddock to gather the girls and bring them back up the hill to the cattle yard. This is actually no mean feat …

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