A fun new toy

Up to now my widest lens has been a 24-70mm 2.8 that I use in studio, but there is a style of photography that I want to try that needs a really wide angle lens, so I have picked up the RF 14-35 to get me started.

Coincidentally it will work well as a landscape lens, so looks like I'll be taking more landscape photographs as well 🙂

I have always steered away from unintentional distortion in my photography, but absolutely love the up close and personal photos that you can get with a wide angle lens close up to animals (other than horses, I just don't like the results with them), but smaller animals look great - and often hilariously funny 🙂

Little Piglet (so named because of the dirt he landed in when he was born) is growing like a weed and we have no idea where his dark points and splotchy markings came from out of white parents. We are still waiting for the other girls to evict their passengers and so is Indi who has had to give up sheep work at home for the past month since we figured out the four ewes were preggers.

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