Teeny Tiny Bantam Chicks

Lovely little Lola has gallantly sat on a huge clutch of eggs this spring and successfully hatched 13 gorgeous little pure bred Belgian d'Uccle chicks. They are so tiny, we have nick named them 'popcorn chicken' while the Australorp chicks are 'Chicken Nuggets'. We snuck them into the studio today ...

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Adopted babies

Our lovely Rhode Island X Wyandotte girl Lola has done a great job of raising eleven purebred Australorp chicks. They are so cute, I had to take them to the studio for some photos before they got any bigger. None of these photos are composites, just single shots!

A fun new toy

Up to now my widest lens has been a 24-70mm 2.8 that I use in studio, but there is a style of photography that I want to try that needs a really wide angle lens, so I have picked up the RF 14-35 to get me started. Coincidentally it will ...

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A big change with a new toy

As much as I have loved my Canon 5DIV camera, it was well and truly time for an upgrade. I am definitely not an early adopter of new technology so going mirrorless has not really been on my radar until now, but it didn't make sense to spend the $ ...

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Summer Storm to finish the year

As much as I love a good storm, and this one was particularly spectacular, living in a rural area, I definitely prefer summer ones with plenty of rain!

Summer Storm

We haven't had many night time storms for me to practice my lightning photography, so it was great to finally get the chance to try a few different things and see what works.  I don't have a wide angle landscape lens so there was a fair bit of luck in ...

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Blackwood flooding in December

Fairly heavy rains upriver from us in the Blackwood Valley catchment area caused the Blackwood River to flood this year.  Although we did not get any rain here, both ends of our road were closed for a few days - something that we honestly did not expect to see again ...

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November 2011 - Storm Clouds

Today we had the most incredible storm pass over us, the clouds were forming so rapidly above us and were so dark that it looked like we were headed for a massive storm, but most of it moved east of us as usual.

Sunrise, sunshine, horses and chickens

There is no better way to start the day than watching the sunrise at 5.51 in the morning! But it was certainly warmer later in the day!  We've got a lot more cape weed growing this year, as well as more clover, rye and barley grass.  In the second paddock ...

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