Goodbye Wilson

It's taken a lot of soul searching and deliberation, but Miss B has finally decided to find a new home for Wilson. Her medical issues and lack of time/finances have made keeping three thoroughbreds in full work very difficult, so she has made the very adult decision to find him a suitable home where he will be loved and cared for as he has been here.

He is a very special horse with the sweetest temperament and loving personality, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but he can be hot and have thoroughbred moments with the wrong rider, so finding him someone that will be gentle with him, treat him kindly, continue with regular bodywork to keep him comfortable and not push him too fast before they have developed the same kind of bond that he has with Miss B was a priority.

So we are thrilled that in a few days, Wilson will be going out for six months lease with a very good friend who is a soft kind rider who doesn't want to compete him over 60-70cm. I thought she might be a bit too nervous for him, but when she rode him here at our place the other day and at the lesson with Rosemary at Mayanup Pony Club this week, they worked together really well and he was calm and relaxed with her.

He's such a special horse, it's vitally important to us that he goes to the right home, so the lease period will be for six months to make sure they are both 100% happy with each other.

Wilson was one of the first horses I ever photographed with my studio lights, so I thought I would do one last shoot with him before he goes to his new home in a couple of days. He's such a chill dude, he was happy to stand with me without even a halter and by the time I finished he was having a little snooze 🙂

I know it's the right decision to let him go to a home where he will continue to be loved and be out jumping because he loves it so much, and we are relieved that we will be able to continue watching him out and about. Pretty sure that Jackson and Tessa are going to miss him as much as we will.

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