Freckles and Ryley

Freckles and Ryley are growing up so fast, not quite fully grown yet, but they have almost lost their puppy look.  They have definitely hit that teenage boy stage but show flashes of the brilliant dogs they are growing into.  Freckles is the softer of the two, whereas Ryley is hard headed and independent but extremely loyal to me  – just what I need for working our heavy dorper sheep and aggressive ram.  Both are incredibly intelligent and super quick learners.  Once the weather cools down I will draft off a couple of young wethers and start teaching them both to work sheep…something tells me that with their breeding these boys are going to be the ones teaching me!

You can see in the background just how brown and dry the paddocks are.  Have had enough of this heat and dust – can’t wait for the season break!

Ryley border collie
Ryley – Working Border Collie
Freckles Working Border Collie
Freckles Working Border Collie

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