Ryley border collie

Freckles and Ryley

Freckles and Ryley are growing up so fast, not quite fully grown yet, but they have almost lost their puppy look.  They have definitely hit that teenage boy stage but show flashes of the brilliant dogs they are growing into.  Freckles is the softer of the two, whereas Ryley is …

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Christmas Day in the country

Merry Christmas!  What better way to spend Christmas day in the country but with family and our furry friends?  

Puppy update

The puppies have settled in really well and have been accepted by all the older dogs.  They already show natural instinct and incredible intelligence and are likely to give every one of the adult border collies a good run for their money once they grow up!

Zeke and Bitey playing in the winter dam

Puppies in the creek pond

The pond water is starting to get a bit smelly but it certainly doesn’t stop the dogs and pups from thoroughly enjoying swimming in it. The baths when they get back to the house…not so much!

Dorper sheep

Dorper Sheep and Sheepdogs

Today we collected our small flock of Dorper sheep including Rastus the ram 🙂 We chose Dorpers as they are self shearing, are excellent mothers, have a very lean meat (essential with G’s health) and require far less physical work compared to wool breeds like merino’s. Plus their little black …

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Trinity and B2 at the Beach

Farm Dogs at the Beach

We had to go over to Australind on Boxing Day, so decided to make it a nice family outing and take the kids and the dogs to the dog beach at Bunbury. Bolt slept the whole trip, while poor baby Zeke cried most of the way until he chucked up …

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Puppy Border Collie - Zeke

Border Collies are very, very addictive!

After thinking about it for the past year, we decided that A is now old enough and mature enough to take on the responsibility of having her own puppy…we’ve contemplated different breeds and discarded them all because no other breeds can compare to Border Collies (LOL even Koolies which we …

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