Farm Dogs at the Beach

We had to go over to Australind on Boxing Day, so decided to make it a nice family outing and take the kids and the dogs to the dog beach at Bunbury. Bolt slept the whole trip, while poor baby Zeke cried most of the way until he chucked up his breakfast…then once he chucked up the night before’s dinner he was fine and settled down for the rest of the trip (Moral to this story is *always* take enough spare towels to cater for such emergencies with puppies…and make them sit on your teenage girls laps if you think the puppy may get car sick;)

Trinity and Taj LOVE the beach, Trin in particular surprised me by being very bold and adventuresome swimming out past the breakers to fetch the tennis ball. Bolt and Zeke took their cue from the older dogs (as always) and had a blast, zooming up and down the beach trying to catch the big dogs, and quite fearlessly jumping into the waves.

Trinity is becoming quite protective and affectionate with the pups and will quite often go up to one or the other and give them a kiss (as long as she doesn’t think anyone is watching!)

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