We have Ducks!

Ducks are another addition that we have wanted to make to the farm for ages, but I have been unable to find any reasonably local until now.  I was extremely fortuante to get these five young adults, a pekin drake, three pekin hens and one khaki campbell duck. They are just finishing their moult and will hopefully start laying around May-June and keep us in eggs over winter.  Of course little ducklings are just so cute so I do plan to try and hatch a few:)  Before getting them I had also planned to breed them for meat…but we shall have to see about that.  These ducks are far more intelligent than the chooks and have way more personality – I think eggs and entertainment value means they shall earn their place on the farm:)  Another great thing about pekins is that they don’t fly and they do flock, so I can use them to help train the puppies to work sheep (strange but true!).  Chickens on the other hand don’t flock, so herding them is like herding a bunch of cats and just as noisy.

Pekin and Khaki Campbell ducks – and a drake with the curly tail

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