Tiny Bantam chicks studio photograph

Teeny Tiny Bantam Chicks

Lovely little Lola has gallantly sat on a huge clutch of eggs this spring and successfully hatched 13 gorgeous little pure bred Belgian d’Uccle chicks. They are so tiny, we have nick named them ‘popcorn chicken’ while the Australorp chicks are ‘Chicken Nuggets’. We snuck them into the studio today …

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Australorp chicks studio photograph

Adopted babies

Our lovely Rhode Island X Wyandotte girl Lola has done a great job of raising eleven purebred Australorp chicks. They are so cute, I had to take them to the studio for some photos before they got any bigger. None of these photos are composites, just single shots!

Australorps at Eagleburra

I’ve always enjoyed having a mixed flock of chicken breeds, but we have decided to breed some pure heritage breed chickens so have acquired an Australorp rooster (suitably named Aussie) to breed with our existing black and blue Australorp hens. We still have the Belgian d’Uccle’s who are amazing at …

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Dixie Duck survived!

We thought we were going to lose this beautiful girl last week, not sure what was wrong with her but she had lost weight rapidly and got all wobbly and kept falling over. Weird thing was she was happy in herself and more than happy to eat everything we put …

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The chicks are all grown up

The Belgian d’Uccle chicks Miss B. hatched last year have all grown up and turned into beautiful birds. They are the funniest creatures that crack me up when they run with their little feathered feet. They are mostly very friendly birds, but some of the girls have a blood curdling …

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Runner Ducks

We are not ready to get more sheep just yet, so in the mean time I have obtained a small flock of Runner Ducks to help teach Indi how to be a sheep dog. LOL yes that sounds strange, but these ducks walk/run rather than fly, and they have a …

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Chicks in the studio

Its been so nice to have new life on the farm after all these years. And the benefit of being a professional pet photographer and having the Thee Red Ponies studio right here on the farm is that I get the chance to create some incredible images that you wouldn’t …

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Going green on the farm

May 2012 | Finally Going Green

It seems to have been a long haul of dust and red dirt this summer, but we have finally had some rain over the last 10 days and the pasture is germinating everywhere.  Because it has not been too cold and we have also had some days of sun, the …

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We have Ducks!

Ducks are another addition that we have wanted to make to the farm for ages, but I have been unable to find any reasonably local until now.  I was extremely fortuante to get these five young adults, a pekin drake, three pekin hens and one khaki campbell duck. They are …

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Ryley with chook foot

Success and not so much Success with Meat Chicks

Even though I knew that is what they were bred to do, the meat chicks grew at an amazing rate that was only eclipsed by the amount of food they consumed and the amount of very stinky poop they created!  I definitely would not get more than 12 in the …

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