We have Ducks!

Ducks are another addition that we have wanted to make to the farm for ages, but I have been unable to find any reasonably local until now.  I was extremely fortuante to get these five young adults, a pekin drake, three pekin hens and one khaki campbell duck. They are ...

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Hatching Chicks

The first chicks hatched in our new incubator (a hexagonal Janoel) over the weekend. We rather unexpectedly started with 36 eggs, pulled four duds out during the week, all of the rest looked great bar two that did not take up all the room in the shell (but we saw ...

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More lambs

More photos of our dorper sheep, lambs and a Tawny Frogmouth we saw the other night.

Our First Dorper lamb

Woke up this morning to find our first little snowflake in the paddock, our first Dorper baby. Only problem is he has a broken front leg. Initially he was up and following his mum, but with very little weight bearing on that leg. Mum was hesitant to let him feed and ...

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