Dixie Duck survived!

We thought we were going to lose this beautiful girl last week, not sure what was wrong with her but she had lost weight rapidly and got all wobbly and kept falling over. Weird thing was she was happy in herself and more than happy to eat everything we put in front of her, and after 48 hours TLC in the house she had completely turned a corner and you would never know she had been sick.

One of the other white girls developed similar neurological issues, but we saw it very quickly, bought her inside, hand fed her and kept her confined and the next day she was back to normal. Feel lucky to still have these girls as usually by the time poultry show they are sick it can be difficult to save them.

Naji couldn’t help himself when he saw Miss B and I sitting on the grass with Dixie, he had to come over and say hi. He is the most gentlest horse when it comes to the smaller animals, the sheep, lambs, ducks and chickens flock around his feet and between his legs, and he just stands still until they finally move out of his way.

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