This great big red boofhead is such a clown, he's the source of much entertainment on the farm. For the humans at least, the other horses very grudgingly get drawn into his games, at times I swear you can see them rolling their eyes at him in exasperation.

Today Flame's idea of entertainment was playing with the Jolly Ball. Wilson and Shiloh were content to just stand around resting quietly, but oh no the pest of the west kept waving the ball in their faces to try and get a reaction, any reaction. When Shiloh finally gave in and went to reach for the ball, Flamey would pull it away and tease him with it, whacking poor Shiloh in the face more often than not.

Not being content with Shiloh's involvement the flaming pest decided poor Wilson was missing out and insisted he joined in the fun, much to Wilson's disgust.

Never a dull moment with these guys around.

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