The horses of Eagleburra

All four equine members of the family have settled into life at Eagleburra really well.  B1 has had her first rides on Sandy who is turning into a very good lead line pony, I think they will be ready to start riding off the lead line after Christmas, as long as I can get B1 a saddle that fits her properly by then.  Two new additions will be joining our little herd in the next few weeks as soon as the electric fence is operational, but more about them in another post!

Tommy and Flicka came down the day we moved in, and I bought Tazzy and Sandy down a couple of days later - what a nightmare trip - four and a half hours of thunder and lightning!  We finally got home well after dark but both ponies took it all in their stride without any problems (after Tazzy's initial tanty at having to load on the left-hand side of the float) thank goodness!

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