The difference a couple of months makes

Miss B has been very busy with three horses in full work now. Her training with Wilson and Flame is progressing steadily, both are jumping calmly and cleanly and are such honest horses its a pleasure to watch them work.

The difference in Shiloh is incredible. hey have even started jumping and we are definitely getting glimpses of the horse that he is going to develop into over the next few years.

Jackson's injury has healed and he is back out in the paddock with the others. We know he will never be able to compete or jump over 1.05m again, but he is now officially my horse and in time we will be able to start jumping lower heights. Time will tell, but he should be sound to jump up to 80-90cm non-competitively, not that I ever plan to jump anywhere near that height again myself!

Tessa, Mia, Raj and Sandy are all fat and shiny, even though I have been working hard to keep Tessa looking more like a horse than a hippopotamus!

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