Shiloh jumping

What a crazy world we live in. This blog was always intended to be a reminder of the good things in our lives that we are grateful for. We have had some incredibly challenging times with serious health issues and other challenges for many years even before we moved to the farm, it would have been easy to put all that in here, but I have chosen to keep it as positive and joyful as possible. That dosn't mean bad things don't happen, far from it.

We've lost Holly, Raj, Sandy and Taj, we've had to say goodbye to our cows, sheep and some of our horses over the years. We had to retire Jackson, Flame and Sandy well before their time, Miss B was content to just have Flame be a dressage horse until having to retire him permanently a few months ago, although thankfully Jackson is still suitable for my level of riding, so that's something.

With everything going on in the world, I think its even more important than ever to find and appreciate the little things that bring us joy.

For the moment, we are happy that Shiloh is progressing with his education. He is not Flame, and Miss B does not have the same incredible connection with him that she has with Flame, but apart from being a big sook when it comes to the tiniest of injuries, Shiloh is mostly a willing partner and while he dosn't have Flame's sharp intelligence or wicked sense of humour, he is a very sweet horse that is easy to have around (as long as I don't have to rug him because he has grown absolutely HUGE since we got him and I am too short to get a rug over his back 🙂

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