Spring lambs growing like weeds

I’m starting to think that Piglett might have been born a bit early and Koala is only 3 days old but so much more advanced from day 1 than Piglett was (its been so many years since we last had lambs its hard to remember what is and isn’t normal.

Koala is also super curious, adventurous and very friendly, too much sometimes, even if it means following Mia away from his own mother.

Dolly and Molly are still holding their lambs hostage, tik-tok girls, I’m impatiently waiting.

In the mean time, the sheep, Naji and Mia are all doing a really good job at keeping the grass down in the house paddock, so hopefully by November there will be very little work to do to get our firebreaks finished off as that is usually a massive job every year.

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