Lamb update

It’s been really chaotic around here lately, I even missed photographing Dolly and Molly lambing although they both lambed at the same time of the morning as the two Polly’s. Molly lambed first, another boy with the tiniest cream patch near his eye, so we have called him Pirate, and Dolly was the only one who came through and gave us a little girl, also white who we have named Lilly.

They are all growing well, are friendly enough and are so entertaining to watch every day. Piglett has sprouted horns so we are hoping that none of the others will as all four ewes are naturally polled.

Its just such a shame that 3 of the 4 of the first lambs we have had born here for so many years turned out to be boys. I think it might be time to start thinking about livestock that have value to someone even if they are boys and we can’t keep them.

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