New Kids on the Block

Well, we went up to Perth to collect Flame yesterday and also came home with another young thoroughbred who retired from racing a few months ago.

It is funny how the world works, when we purchased Jackson, it was a very hard decision between him and Flame, the only reason we picked Jackson was he had more experience jumping the heights Miss B wanted to jump, whereas Flame was so much younger and less experienced.

Flame is a challenging horse, he has a massive personality, and plenty of quirks and is not an easy ride, but his education up to this point has been nice and slow, he never raced (was in an equestrian home with a friend since he was a year old) and I have watched him grow since then so its really quite amazing that he is now home with us 🙂

They both travelled home really well and came off the float as bestest buddies which is really cute 🙂

Both boys still have a lot of growing and filling out to do, I can't wait to see how they start developing under Miss B's expert care over the next few months and years.

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