Naji update

Naji is on his second lot of antibiotics after having the wound in his side flushed and cleaned in mid January, then it abscessed again two weeks later, mostly healed up before abscessing again. We are slowly getting some weight to come off him, but its hard work when he is such a good doer like his mother, even with the infection in his wound he is not losing weight quickly.

He is showing that he has Tessa's beautiful temperament, he is just so good to clean and dress the wound. He absolutely detests the taste of the antibiotics so I have to syringe it over his tongue and then hold his head up so that he dosn't spit it all out.

If it abscesses again after this lot he is going to need a bigger surgery to open it up and see if there is something else that hasn't showed up causing the problem.

In the meantime Tessa is getting fed up with him pestering her, so I may have to put her back in the big paddock with the others. Mia on the other hand, is more than happy to be his permanent babysitter 🙂

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