First jumps

Miss B and Flame have been getting to know each other the last couple of weeks and have started their jumping training. It has been great to see the improvement in both of them already. Starting to see some nice muscle development as well which is good 🙂 It is going to be a long time before they are at the level Miss B and Jackson were before his injury, but I can't wait to see how they go once they are out competing.

Shiloh is also starting to gain weight and fill out nicely, even had his first ride under saddle since retiring from racing. He did really, definitely has some baby thoroughbred quirks and will need patience and time to mature, but he is really sweet so will be worth the time and effort.

He does however have the worst feet of any horse we have had, they are incredibly flat and he is now a bit sore after having his first trim. We are quite surprised with that as it was a minor trim, he is fine on the soft ground in the paddock, but very tender on the gravel so he has been put out with the others in the big paddock for a few weeks to help keep him moving and strengthening his feet.

Little Wilson is more than happy to be Flame's paddock mate, I really love how the three boys are getting on together.

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