Our Firstborn Calf

After many weeks of looking like she was going to pop any moment, Charlotte finally had her calf this morning just after 10am.  She had a fairly quick and easy birth and we were lucky enough to be able to watch, photograph and video the whole birth which was pretty exciting seeing as it was our first calf.  I admit that I was a little concerned that I would have to intervene as Charlotte is nowhere near as tamed down as Matilda, so it was a relief that everything went like clockwork.

I did feel so sorry for the poor little thing though, it was bitterly cold and really windy all day, not a nice way to enter the world!

We were finally able to determine that the calf is a bull and because he will be going to Freezer Camp when he is older, his name is T-Bone.  We were hoping that the heifer fairy would visit so that we could keep rather than eat our first calf, but the main thing is that mum and baby are doing fine…and the hand milking can begin shortly!

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