The Dexters: Matilda, Charlotte and T-Bone

Moo are you?

I love the curiosity of the other residents whenever we bring a new addition onto the farm.  The dexters, particularly T-Bone were not particularly impressed about not being able to get through the gate to meet the newcomers. I separated Bangers and our still un-named jersey for the night so ...

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Charlotte Dexter Cow

January 2012 - Giving up the House Cow

For the time being at least.  I have persevered for over four months training Charlotte the dexter to be a house cow, but it's finally time to give it in and concede that she is just not cut out to be a house cow.  I have learnt so much from ...

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Training T-Bone the bull calf

Little T-Bone is learning that it's ok to spend some time away from his mother and that when he is tied up he has to stay in that spot!  We are progressing fairly well with the halter and lead training...the catching him in the paddock however requires considerable work.  He ...

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Our Firstborn Calf

After many weeks of looking like she was going to pop any moment, Charlotte finally had her calf this morning just after 10am.  She had a fairly quick and easy birth and we were lucky enough to be able to watch, photograph and video the whole birth which was pretty ...

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Introducing Charlotte and Matilda

Today we fulfilled a very long term dream to have our own cows.  After a considerable amount of research, we decided the Dexter breed was most suited to our needs for both milk and meat.  Dexters are one of the smallest naturally occurring small breeds (as opposed to human directed ...

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