A New Years Gift

The last three weeks have been an awful, emotional rollercoaster that words just can't describe. My beautiful dad passed away early on boxing day morning and life will never be the same. I will be forever grateful that as sad as it was, we were able to spend one last Christmas together as a family and be with him to the end.

Through a surreal series of events, the kindness of a beautiful stranger and I think also with a bit of help from my dad, one week and two hours later, Tessa's son Naji came into my life.

It is hard to feel positive emotions at the moment, but he is very special and everything I had hoped he would be since I first saw his photo online seven years ago. I couldn't buy him then, but I knew then that one day he would be mine, I just never would have guessed the circumstances. A couple of months ago I decided to try and track him down and just see what he was doing (or if he was even alive). At the time his owner didn't want to part with him, but just a few days ago she changed her mind and offered him to me.

They hadn't seen each other since at least 2010 when I got Tessa, but Tessa instantly knew him before he even unloaded off the float and it was a really beautiful reunion. He is *really* fat and needs to start a diet before he founders, so he will give me something to focus on over the next few months.

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