We have Ducks!

Ducks are another addition that we have wanted to make to the farm for ages, but I have been unable to find any reasonably local until now.  I was extremely fortuante to get these five young adults, a pekin drake, three pekin hens and one khaki campbell duck. They are …

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Swamped in milk but no jersey for me

The lovely Josie has gone home today, but by the time she left she was rapidly drowning us in her yummy milk.  Because I am greedy and don’t want to share it with the dogs or chickens, I’m planning on making some clabber and using it as a cheese starter …

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The finished butter. Homemade right from feeding and hand milking the cow to making the finished product

Recipe: Cultured Butter

Thanks to all the glorious cream that Josie is giving us on her milk, I thought it would be a great idea to have a go at making butter.  As I don’t have any cheese cultures at the moment, making cultured butter to get cultured buttermilk seemed like a good …

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Smoke From Nannup Fires

February 2012 | Ponies, kittens and bushfires

I’ve been looking through my photos for some that show how the paddocks are doing – definitely been eaten down in the past month so it will be time to start feeding hay in the near future. These photos show the thick smoke that has blanketed us for several days …

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Cowsitting and a Jersey of my own

I am babysitting my friends Jersey house cow for a week while she is interstate.  She is a lovely old girl (Josie the cow, not my friend;) with a dropped rumen, a broken tail, a blind quarter, an uneven udder, a dicky hip that makes her shuffle when she walks …

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