Introducing Charlotte and Matilda

Today we fulfilled a very long term dream to have our own cows.  After a considerable amount of research, we decided the Dexter breed was most suited to our needs for both milk and meat.  Dexters are one of the smallest naturally occurring small breeds (as opposed to human directed ...

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Winter Bonfire

We have a few large piles of wood that are taking up pature space and breeding snakes, foxes and termites (making it no good for firewood either), so now that the fireban has been lifted and its wet enough not to be a risk for everything catching fire, its time ...

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Hatch Update

We ended up with 11 chicks hatched from the first lot and seven from the second lot and they are all now happily growing up in a re-furbished broody box.  From the second lot, none of the purchased Auracana eggs hatched, only one partially developed which was disappointing.  All of ...

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New Dorper Sheep. And an Inky.

The property has seemed really empty since we sold our first lot of Dorper sheep at the end of last year due to the drought.  It was lucky that we did as we certainly would not have had enough feed for them and the horses through summer, especially as we ...

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Hatch Day - Rhode Island Reds

Well today is hatch day here at Eagleburra...well technically 21 days was up at 7.30pm last night, but after a  power outage one night at the end of week one, plus the colder temperature only one chick (a Rhode Island Red) hatched yesterday at 4.30pm. After a very nerve wracking ...

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Misty Morning sunrise

Misty mornings, autumn sunsets

Definitely feeling the chill now on these cold autumn mornings. Still, not much rain to speak of, but we have had some new chicks incubating which is always exciting 🙂