Lamb number two is here

After a ridiculously long wait, lamb number two is here, another little boy. He is a golden caramel type colour with chocolate legs that is gorgeous, however we are now a bit worried about the breeding behind our Wiltipol-White Dorper ewes and hoping the colour has come from their white Dorper father (who we saw and was definitely white).

I did think that I was going to have to interfere and pull him because his big boof head came out first and Polly 2’s labour wasn’t progressing, but just as I got back to the gate with the birth kit she spat him out.

He is super cute and his colour reminds us of caramel, so with the chocolate legs, we have called him Koala – after caramello koalas 🙂

So much for not naming the livestock that is supposed to be part of your self-sufficiency 😉

Now we wait for the last two lambs to pop from Dolly and Molly.

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