First Vegie Garden Harvest

Despite the heat and lack of water, my efforts in the vegie garden have paid off with a fantastic first harvest of tomatoes and some interesting shaped carrots!

The tomato plants are growing like triffids in the vegie garden.  Of course it would have been much greater if I had pruned and staked the plants earlier and several times in their growing season, as the plants were so heavy that much of the fruit was laying on the ground.   Definitely lesson learned for next season!  The chooks had a feast of all the damaged fruit, so it didn’t go to waste.  The GrowCover was definitely worth the investment as there has been very little damage from insects.

I kept a few for salads for me (I’m the only one that eats them raw) and cooked the rest up for tomato sauce for several pasta dishes which was very yummy!  I also pulled the first carrots, however they are very oddly shaped and some are forked (so the pony got them).

Lesson learnt there as well – carrots need more friable soil with very little nitrogen, so hold on the chook and horse poo next time!

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