Farm Photography Studio

For decades I was a dedicated natural light photographer, always travelling to locations for photo sessions. But in 2017 I came across the work of photographers in multiple genres that were producing the most incredible artistic work both indoor and outdoor with studio lighting and my fascination with working with off camera lighting began.

Creating black backgrounds with studio lighting for my horse photography was a big learning curve, not many pet photographers did studio work with horses when I first started, there wasn’t anyone to learn from so it was a process of trial and error with our own horses and then later my first client horses.

I also started teaching myself studio photography for dogs and other pets, initially this meant taking all my equipment to my sessions all around the south west.

Then I suffered several injuries in early 2020 that stopped my photography, then of course we had the covid years. Things seem to be getting back to some form of normal and I have decided to turn the little cottage on our farm that I once used as an art studio, into a dedicated pet photography studio:)

As far as I am aware, it will be the only dedicated Pet Photography Studio in the South West and Great Southern areas – and may well be the only dedicated pet photography studio in the whole of Western Australia that caters to small pets like dogs, cats and reptiles as well as horses and other livestock.

We are still in the process of setting it up to be ready for clients, but plan to open in October and offer clients the best of both worlds with both indoor studio (smaller pets) as well as natural light outdoor photos in the garden and grounds outside, and for our horse photography clients (and any other large animals that can travel to us), outdoor and studio black background portraits will also be available.

More info can be seen on the Three Red Ponies website.

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