We are in… and loving it :)

It has taken a while but we are now living in our new lifestyle farm with much joy and happiness by all.  After two truck loads over two days, we are well underway in our unpacking with most rooms in the house nearly unpacked.  The shed on the other hand has yet to be started and kind of looks like a bomb went off as we look for bits and pieces to do various tasks around the property.

Two trips with the horse float have enabled us to bring our horses down to the property.  All went relatively smoothly except Taz was not happy about going into the float and that trip, our second, was a very long day… some 14.5 hours from waking up to get home.  We are now just waiting on details about two other horses as to when they are available for us to go and collect.

The computer room was finally setup after 7 days, since we had to wait for our new wireless package to come from Bigpond.  Bigpond wireless is our only option other than satellite which I hear is not reliable.  The connection has been great via wireless without any drop-outs so far and actually a better connection than our previous ADSL2+ connection at our old location.  The only gripe is cost… but we hear changes are coming in late December or early January so we will see 🙂

Kids are happy having their own rumpus room for their Xbox, Wii and other stuff with three new bean bags and enough space for them to relax, all we need to do there is get a new light for the room.

While the kids still have their electronic games etc it has been great to see them happily playing outside with no encouragement needed, they are enjoying the wide spaces and room to run and play.  This is great as so far no TV which has not really been missed but we are on schedule to have the Bridgetown TV guy come out and get us setup in early December.

Needless to say our two Border Collies are loving the open space as well and have found the pond in the gully already and taken their first swim… as muddy as it is that did not bother them.

Beautiful weather so far, only 1 warmish day and nice cool days.  Had a few days of rain so that helps us with our water tanks and we are being quite careful with our water usage.

More soon….

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