Summer Heat

Summer hit with a vengeance today, 38 degrees! But at least it is a dry heat rather than the sticky humid heat that Perth gets. Our split system air conditioners went in on Wednesday, just in time for the heat that is predicted over the next few days. Can’t complain too much, it has been beautiful and cool nearly every night since we moved in, LOL so much so that we were joking that we would need the heating before we needed to use the cooling!

Thanks to the puppies I was up at 5.20am – a beautiful time to be up and about outside! Checked and trimmed all the tree branches that were overhanging the fencing, and spent some time in the spider shed trying to get the electric fence working…there is power in the shed, but the fence isn’t biting yet, so there is obviously a problem somewhere that needs to be located and fixed.
Took the kids for a swim this afternoon, the shire pool is lovely and clean with beautiful grassed areas and a BBQ area, and never seems to be over crowded – not like a normal public swimming pool that’s for sure.

This evening we put the horse yards up, feed time was so much less stressful – for me and the horses- with everybody in their own spot and Tazzy, Flicka and Sandy not getting in everyone’s way and upsetting things! Just been out to let them out (11pm) and bl**dy Tazzy has escaped his yard, loosened the wire on Sandy’s AND pulled Bill’s feed bin over to the edge of the fence so that he could eat it. Nuisance pony! Electric yard for him as soon as it’s up and running. Stuck him back in the big paddock to let the others finish their dinner in peace.

Oh, and I found out that yesterday I was holding the Shepherds whistle wrong. Unfortunately, holding it in my mouth correctly only produces a rather disgusting “sscchhlllerccch” sound…which is the sound spit makes in the gap of the whistle after you nearly inhale the silly thing. I did however manage to make a sharp sound eventually (much to G and A’s disgust). Couldn’t repeat that little success though…might need to go sit down at the bottom of the 43 acres and practice…for a few months!

And the internet is still down so I am writing this in a word document to post later. Telstra’s country wireless service leaves A LOT to be desired!

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