How time flies…

Wow it has been a while since we have update with more than photos so better do a catch-up post.

So what have we been doing?

  • We have had our Dorper sheep give birth to 7 lambs in April and May, more info and photos soon.
  • We sold our Dorper Sheep ready for a Pure flock
  • We implemented a raised vegetable garden
  • We have added a new water trough to our northern small paddock
  • We have bought a truck to help move things about
  • Finally got a trailer and have had quite a bit of fun trying to get it to stay in one piece
  • Bought some tools, a welder and other bits and pieces to help out around the property
  • Bought some trees to add some different species to the property
  • Added gold fish to our water troughs to keep the algae down
  • Bouhght a ride on mower, but it is still not going yet, something related to the transmission system
  • B1 broke her arm after being bucked off Tassie, what a heart ache that was
  • G continues to suffer his chronic illness daily, but is getting good support from M and also the local Doctor
  • B1 went on camp and had a great time
  • A went on work experience in Perth and had an interesting time
  • The new Weather station was eaten by the horses so had to be replaced with a new one, which is now on a long pole
  • M has been preparing her Art Studio, still more to do but it is taking shape
  • A new computer for M to manage the Terra-bytes of photos
  • Our dogs continue to enjoy the property lifestyle
  • New Chickens and proposed new Chicken Farm
  • A new Worm Farm in the process of being built
  • Rain has been poor, but the main house tank is full, we just need more rain in the stock tank
  • A leak was found from the stock tank, now we know why the water in that tank seemed to be being used too quickly

There is certainly always lots to be done in between the medical appointments and treatments.

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