Becoming a reality…

It has been a long twelve months on the path of getting our property, but it has all been well worth it.  News over the weekend and late today have confirmed our move to our new home in Boyup Brook over the coming week, which is what our blog here is all about, our new lifestyle property we have named Eagleburra.

The name Eagleburra came about after many months of thinking about what we would like to call our property.  With M having a deep love of Eagles and myself having an equal love for Kookaburras it was only natural to come up with something that captures both.  Also when we look at the meanings of both the words Eagle and Kookaburra they are well suited to what we believe our lifestyle will be about.  More on that I am sure from M soon.

Our blog will be used to develop a history of what we see, do and feel about our new property, our family, our animals, wildlife and also the land itself and its surrounds.  I hope you will enjoy reading about our journey as much as we will I am sure enjoy living it.

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