Pups and Whistles

Zeke and Bolt are getting very brave and adventurous now, and both take pleasure in being very cheeky! We’ve introduced them to raw meaty bones which they attack like little wolves, and they thoroughly enjoy the raw mince mixed with their puppy kibble. The chest freezer arrived Wednesday (complete with *major* dent, but that’s another story), so now I can try to locate suppliers of bulk raw food…although with four dogs now, I think we will try and get a second hand freezer just for their food!

My jade Shepherd’s Whistle arrived today, I was quite proud that I can actually make a sound with it. Can’t for the life of me figure out how you make different notes on it, the sounds I make are all the same (and very quiet). Apparently, Border Collies are born trained to a Shepherds whistle…it just takes a year or two to learn how to use the whistle!

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