Indiana Jones

The last year has been incredibly hard with losing my Dad, Trinity, Flame and Ryley all in short succession, along with dealing with Naji’s infection for so many months not knowing if I was going to lose him as well.

This little guy has joined our family and has already brought so much joy and much needed laughter to our home. I’ve never named an animal before I had had them for a few days (or longer) so that I could get to know them and try out different names.

But I knew before I even met him, that I was going to call him Indiana Jones (Indi for short) because I wanted him to grow up to be brave (even when things scared him), adventurous, unique, devoted and have a great sense of humour. What can I say, the original Indiana Jones Trilogy was my fave as a teen, I even won tickets and merch when Temple of Doom was released.

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