Indi and the boys

Its hard to believe that we have had Indi nearly six months, the passage of time as you get older gets weirder. Its seems like only last week we bought him home, but then it also seems like a lifetime ago.

He is growing up to be a really wonderful dog, highly intelligent, devoted and all the things I wanted him to be when I named him Indiana Jones. LOL he’s actually not a very brave dog, but he sure acts it when he thinks that I need protecting from anything.

The old boys Bolt, Zeke and Freckles are doing well, Bolt and Zeke have just turned 13 and Freckles 11. Other than being completely deaf, Zeke still acts like a much younger dog. Freckles never really changes and although he has slowed down a bit, he seems to be ageing well. Of the three of them, Bolt has definitely looking and acting the oldest. He and Indi absolutely adore each other, I think getting Indi has added a couple of years to Bolts life.

Thankfully Indi is quite content with his position at the bottom of the pack so there are no aggression issues to deal with.

Naji is starting to stack on the weight with all the green grass so is back to bootcamp with Tessa and Jackson before that becomes an issue for all of them.

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