Borderline Crazy

Or bordering on insane, take your pick, either probably fits!

After struggling for two years to get Trinity to work for me (when she is most definitely G’s dog) and because it was the right time for B2 to get his own dog, we have added not one, but two Border Collie pups to the family (getting two at once is definitely not recommended for the feint of heart or those not dedicated to their pets 24/7!)

Meet Boylee Ryley (mine) and Boylee Freckles (B2’s), both pups are tri-colour, short coated working and trialing bred Border Collies. Both boys are bold as brass, and unbelievably switched on to stock already at only 8 weeks of age.  I was expecting a few weeks grace before that happened, but it looks like the pups will be put on long lines outside to keep them safe from the calf and pony and to keep the chickens safe from them!

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