The waiting game

Pretty sure now that Holly’s EDD 2nd November. She has had many signs of impending labour on and off for the past week and she keeps going from slab sided to beachball looking (seems like calf is doing summersaults), her bag seems to fill, then gets wrinkles, her teats start to cone and point in different directions then go floppy and wrinkled, her vulva has changed but still not super loose and floppy, she has stringy good and strings, lots of head tossing, licking and kicking at her sides and she is walking wide with her back legs around her bag. But nothing more so it sure is confusing.

Even in peak production last time she had a small bag and teats so I am not expecting to see a massive increase. She is in really good condition and pretty cranky most of the time with the heat and flies, so its not easy to see if her pins have gone yet.

My best guess is still a week or so to go, despite her obvious discomfort (which I don’t actually blame).

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