Sad update

To put it bluntly, last month was a nightmare. G has been in and out of hospital and was so ill the local hospitals had to fly him to Perth by RFDS. Bolt ripped his stomach open and needed major surgery, I had a massive sinus infection that knocked me off my feet and on top of it we lost Holly after a horrific battle with raging mastitis in the injured teat that required a huge amount of antibiotics and other drugs, but in the end no matter what we did or how much money we spent on vet bills, we couldn’t save her.

Although she is not happy about it, I have managed to almost foster Sausage onto Matilda who is luckily still nursing Madonna. Matilda won’t let him drink unless she is restrained in the crush *and* wearing the kickstop, but at least I can get him to feed off her, so that is something.

He is growing well and has adjusted to his ‘new normal’. Matilda doesn’t like him too close to her, but she does tolerate him. I truly can’t wait for this awful year to be over.

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