Stunning Sunset

My wide angle RF14-35mm lens is seeing more action than any of the others in my kit at the moment! The sunset and clouds the other night were spectacular so I raced out just before dark to catch these shots of the hay roll paddock across the road and looking ...

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Gorgeous winter mornings

Its so nice to see the paddocks turning green again. Its been really cold and we havn't had much rain so far this winter but there is plenty of time yet 🙂

Summer Storm to finish the year

As much as I love a good storm, and this one was particularly spectacular, living in a rural area, I definitely prefer summer ones with plenty of rain!

A drop of rain

A bit of a storm and some summer rain came through today, settling the dusty paddocks and a nice break from the heat. The ponies certainly appreciated the cool change 🙂

Massive Hail storm

Miss B and I were out at pony club this afternoon when a massive hailstorm went through with gold ball size hail stones. We got them at home as well, there were still a heap of them along the road that hadn't fully melted by the time we went home.

Storm Damage

As much as we love the jarrah and Marri trees on the property when we get big storms and high winds, we always end up with trees down, and it is usually one of our favourites like this one in the house paddock over near the cottage 🙁 It made ...

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Massive Thunderstorm

A massive thunderstorm developed around us yesterday, it was incredible watching the mammatus cloud form to the south east. We got a brief downpour, much to the horses disgust, but it wasn't even enough to settle the dust.

Storms around us

A summer thunderstorm rolled around us today, a bit of rain would have made a nice change but it was like we had a bubble around us that it just floated over. Everything is so dry and brown, the horses are enjoying taking turns coming in to the house paddock ...

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Massive Thunderstorm

We had a massive summer storm roll through last night that gave me the chance to practice my lightening photography. Its always stressful when there is no rain with the lightening though as the risk of fire from lightening strikes is so high.

Jersey Journal: traumatic second week Pt2.

When the vets left last night, Holly's teat canal was able to be opened and was functional when open (well functional in that there were now two holes instead of one which will most likely be permanent).  Talk about dedicated individuals - they were here for nearly two hours and ...

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