Waste Not Want Not

We processed our first lot of chickens today, including the meat chickens and the large Australorp rooster. I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos to figure out how to pluck and clean them, luckily I was able to hand the dispatching duties off to G, not sure I ...

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Puppy update

The puppies have settled in really well and have been accepted by all the older dogs.  They already show natural instinct and incredible intelligence and are likely to give every one of the adult border collies a good run for their money once they grow up!

Borderline Crazy

Or bordering on insane, take your pick, either probably fits! After struggling for two years to get Trinity to work for me (when she is most definitely G's dog) and because it was the right time for B2 to get his own dog, we have added not one, but two ...

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Any day now...

Every morning I walk outside with anticipation that Charlotte has had her calf, but so far nothing. It is nice to see a bit more green poking up around the paddocks which will help her milk supply when she finally does calve.

New Dorper Sheep. And an Inky.

The property has seemed really empty since we sold our first lot of Dorper sheep at the end of last year due to the drought.  It was lucky that we did as we certainly would not have had enough feed for them and the horses through summer, especially as we ...

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Getting Desperate for rain

We really have had enough of the summer heat and once again are getting desperate for rain. Everything is dry, dusty and bare at the moment.

It's a dogs life

I don't think our border collies could be any happier. They get to live on a farm, swim in the creek and not really have to work for a living 🙂

Hot summer days

We are well and truly into a second summer here on the farm, spending most of our days inside in the air con or down at the pool with friends. Not alot getting done around the farm at the moment with all chores being done in the cooler hours in ...

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Baby Baa and his broken leg

Well I didn't think it would be possible, but baby Baa not only survived, but he is thriving. Because it was so cold we are bringing him inside at night and putting him back with the others during the day. His mum is looking after him really well and apart ...

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It's a dogs life

It is really great to have a massive paddock for the dogs to run and play in. Thankfully they are all good with the sheep and horses, at least when there is a tennis ball being thrown for them 🙂