Farm Photography Studio

For decades I was a dedicated natural light photographer, always travelling to locations for photo sessions. But in 2017 I came across the work of photographers in multiple genres that were producing the most incredible artistic work both indoor and outdoor with studio lighting and my fascination with working with ...

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Mud Pup

Indi is growing bigger every week and is my constant companion 24/7. He is taking his job of helping me heal very seriously. He loves water and keeping him out of it is proving difficult, especially if there is mud involved. The recent rain had filled up the empty bed ...

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Indi Update

Little Indi has settled into the family really well. The three boys have accepted him into their pack, although Freckles would rather just ignore him, Bolt absolutely adores him and seems to have gained a whole new lease on life, which is amazing as he has really been showing his ...

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Indiana Jones

The last year has been incredibly hard with losing my Dad, Trinity, Flame and Ryley all in short succession, along with dealing with Naji's infection for so many months not knowing if I was going to lose him as well. This little guy has joined our family and has already ...

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Miss B riding Flame

Glorious Golden Hour

When photographers talk about the best time of day for photographs, this right here is why we swoon over 'golden hour' the hour or so before sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon and bathes everything with a warm golden glow.

Storm Sunset and Ponies

It almost looked like we may have had an early season break which would have been lovely as it has been so dry, hot and dusty. Even Trinity would like a break from the heat! Jackson, Wilson and Tessa are in the house paddock at the moment to take some ...

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Harrowing the paddocks with the 4x4

Harrowing the paddocks

It looks like season break is finally headed our way with enough time to harrow the paddocks. It means we lose the remaining standing hay, but also rakes up the horse poo, sticks and rocks to make it easier to pick up. Its a messy, dusty job, the car, house ...

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Shiloh on the run

Trinity and Shiloh

I feel like I blink and its summer again and I get ready to hibernate inside in the air con away from the heat. A couple of quick shots of Trinity and Shiloh before I do 🙂

Trinity Border Collie

Updated pup portraits

It has been a while since I've done some photos of all the dogs, so I thought it was about time I took some new ones.

Miss B riding Flame in the dam

A sunny day swim

It was such a lovely almost spring day today we decided to take the dogs and Flame for a swim down in the creek paddock. It was Flame's first experience down there and he had an absolute ball splashing in the water. Everything about this horse is just so exuberant ...

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