End of an era

Today we said goodbye to Bangers, Matilda and Madonna. With the drought lingering, lack of water and our paddocks being so bare, it just didn't make any sense to keep them. Phone photos only so lots of distortion, but there really was a huge difference in size between dexters Matilda ...

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New baby

We welcomed a new baby this week, Matilda produced a gorgeous little heifer calf who we have named Madonna. Matilda is not so keen on the whole hand milking thing, but I think eventually will adjust to the idea as long as there is a tasty bucket of feed in ...

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Hurry up Season break

With all the trips back and forth to Perth to see G in hospital, I am desperately waiting for season break so that we get some pasture growth and feeding the livestock every day becomes less of an exhausting chore. The animals are happy enough and in good enough condition, ...

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Goodbye cows

With G's impending surgery and recovery meaning an extended time in Perth, I have had to say goodbye to most of our cows. We are keeping Matilda and Bangers for the time being, but Charlotte, T-Bone, Sausage, Sassy and Stroganoff have all gone. There is not much feed on the ...

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Holly and Sausage

Sad update

To put it bluntly, last month was a nightmare. G has been in and out of hospital and was so ill the local hospitals had to fly him to Perth by RFDS. Bolt ripped his stomach open and needed major surgery, I had a massive sinus infection that knocked me ...

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Difficult Delivery

Well it's been a really long night..and day today, but end result is we have a healthy cow and bull calf. This was a first for me - I've re-positioned a lamb but nothing to this extent. Holly didn't have very strong contractions throughout labour, still, I can't believe how ...

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No calf yet

I can't believe it but Holly seems content to hold her calf hostage forever.

She's still in one piece

This morning I thought Holly was in the early stages of labour, with constant tail swishing (we do have a ton of flies at the moment that spray is not working on), she was kicking at her tummy, licking her lips, licking and cleaning her tummy, lots of ropey goo, ...

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The waiting game

Pretty sure now that Holly's EDD 2nd November. She has had many signs of impending labour on and off for the past week and she keeps going from slab sided to beachball looking (seems like calf is doing summersaults), her bag seems to fill, then gets wrinkles, her teats start ...

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Getting ready for Holly to freshen

I'm not 100% certain when Holly will freshen as T-Bone jumped the fence several times (little monster accepts the bite from the electric fence), but I have bought her up to the top paddock to keep a close eye on her until she calves. I am guessing her EDD is ...

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