Jersey Journal: traumatic second week Pt2.

When the vets left last night, Holly's teat canal was able to be opened and was functional when open (well functional in that there were now two holes instead of one which will most likely be permanent).  Talk about dedicated individuals - they were here for nearly two hours and ...

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Jersey cow in portable wood crush

Jersey Journal: traumatic second week Pt1.

Holly is still painfully thin in my eyes, but we are following vet advice and she is getting all the nutrition and groceries that she needs. Our second week started off great with a gradual increase in milk production and a big increase in the cream line after I switched ...

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Holly Jersey House Cow

Our first week with Holly and Bangers

Yes, our Jersey girl finally has a name - Holly.  She and Bangers have settled into life on our farm really well and have quickly accepted the routine I have started for milking in the morning and 'getting to know you' sessions during the day. I am just so thrilled ...

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Fresh Jersey Milk

Our jersey girl has settled in really well, is already gaining back some weight and is proving to be a real pleasure to work with.  When I I have gone out to milk her the past three mornings, she has already been up near the cattle yard where I lock ...

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The Dexters: Matilda, Charlotte and T-Bone

Moo are you?

I love the curiosity of the other residents whenever we bring a new addition onto the farm.  The dexters, particularly T-Bone were not particularly impressed about not being able to get through the gate to meet the newcomers. I separated Bangers and our still un-named jersey for the night so ...

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May 2012 - We have a Jersey house cow!

After what seemed like forever waiting to find one, we went and picked up our new house cow.  She is purebred Jersey, will be four years old in October and has a five month old steer calf at foot - he has tentatively been named "Bangers" as in 'bangers and ...

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Going green on the farm

May 2012 | Finally Going Green

It seems to have been a long haul of dust and red dirt this summer, but we have finally had some rain over the last 10 days and the pasture is germinating everywhere.  Because it has not been too cold and we have also had some days of sun, the ...

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