Summer Storm

We haven't had many night time storms for me to practice my lightning photography, so it was great to finally get the chance to try a few different things and see what works.  I don't have a wide angle landscape lens so there was a fair bit of luck in ...

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Christmas Day in the country

Merry Christmas!  What better way to spend Christmas day in the country but with family and our furry friends?  

Waste Not Want Not

We processed our first lot of chickens today, including the meat chickens and the large Australorp rooster. I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos to figure out how to pluck and clean them, luckily I was able to hand the dispatching duties off to G, not sure I ...

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Blackwood flooding in December

Fairly heavy rains upriver from us in the Blackwood Valley catchment area caused the Blackwood River to flood this year.  Although we did not get any rain here, both ends of our road were closed for a few days - something that we honestly did not expect to see again ...

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